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the wind chime "SEVEN", which is the result of an independent project based on the theme of "between stability and instability". It is a wind chime with a new structure utilizing tensegrity structure, which was realized by bringing together the metalworking technologies of Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture.

In the unstable social climate of recent years, people and society are constantly moving between stability and insecurity. We believe that the tensegrity structure is a structure that hovers between stability and instability, embodying contemporary society, and that there is something in glance, the structure appears to be floating and stable, but external forces such as wind create sway in order to maintain equilibrium. By converting this swaying into sound, the tone resonates in space, adding healing and color to daily life.

All parts of "SEVEN" are made of brass, and they are exquisitely balanced. To maintain the balance, a high level of precision was required. Therefore, we manufactured the product in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, which is famous for its metalworking. One of the characteristics of Takaoka's manufacturing is the division of labor. The production of this product was made possible by the concentration of the technical capabilities of specialists in various fields such as casting, bending, and welding, including SANOMASA factory, which took overall command of the production this time.

SANOMASA factory



design anthology Issue 35
ROOM Diseño 39

Kitanippon Newspaper 20.Aug.2022
AXIS web magazine

A' Design Award / Silver award

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