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Future Fossilized Furnitures


"Future Fossilized Furnitures" is a collection of furniture born from the idea of imagining what contemporary wood might look like fossilised in the future.
Fossils are not a legacy of the past, but rather a metaphor that links the past and the future by analysing the traces of life found in fossils, i.e. they create the future. So, in a future where the resources of the present are so fossilised, how will society be perceived today and how much impact will today's human manufacturing have on the future?
By looking at the present day from the perspective of a future so far into the future that these pieces of furniture are found as fossils, a new perspective is offered.
These pieces of furniture are composed of wood felled by oak dieback and the surrounding earth-like material.

This material contains not only minerals and charcoal, which are components of earth, but also traces of everyday discarded natural materials such as rice husks, coffee grounds and vegetable peels. 
I have independently experimented and developed a material that is, so to speak, 'modern earth.
The designer myself cuts large chunks of these materials using a chainsaw. The process is like excavating a fossil buried in the earth, and the findings of the cross-sections that emerge are used as they are.



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