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‘Polysemy’, a design concept embodying the essence of ' one thing has many meanings.' While conventional objects typically serve a singular function, like a chair for seating or a desk for work, ‘Polysemy’ breaks this mold. It is a versatile object that, from a single shape, can be arranged in various ways to fulfill diverse functions, such as transforming into a bookshelf or a side table. Unlike traditional designs that limit functionality, ‘Polysemy’ adapts to different spaces and situations, offering users the freedom to utilize it in numerous ways.

In contrast to the usual one-sided relationship between designers and users, where the designer dictates function and the user receives it, ‘Polysemy’ strives to engage the user's imagination actively. By providing Rules and margins, it invites users to perceive and interact with the object creatively. This unique approach results in a richer and more thoughtful surrounding space.

Sold on a made-to-order basis in Japan only.

Yoji Kitagawa




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