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"SEVEN" is a wind chime featuring a new structure utilizing tensegrity principles. Themed around the ‘interplay of stability and instability’, this work reflects the constant flux between stability and instability that individuals and societies experience in recent years. The tensegrity structure embodies the current societal state, wandering between stability and instability, with something within this realm believed to stir human emotions. While it appears to float while maintaining stability, external forces such as wind induce swaying to maintain equilibrium. By converting this swaying into sound, it fills the space with harmonious tones, providing solace and vibrancy to daily life.

"SEVEN" is entirely made of brass, relying on the exquisite balance of its components. Achieving this balance required precise technical skill, thus it was made in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, renowned for metalworking. Takaoka's manufacturing is characterized by division of labor. The production was led by Sanomasa factory and specialists in various fields such as casting, bending and welding contributed in culminating its realization.

The title "SEVEN" stems from two sources: firstly, its utilization of the tensegrity structure forms a shape resembling the numeral "7" when viewed from the side. Secondly, it is named "SEVEN" due to its production involving a total of "seven" factories and their artisans under Takaoka's division of labor system.

SANOMASA factory



design anthology Issue 35
ROOM Diseño 39

Kitanippon Newspaper 20.Aug.2022
AXIS web magazine

A' Design Award / Silver award

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