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This is a renovation project for the gallery 'soko', which opened in the Tama area of Tokyo.
The property facing the main street of the city was originally used as a warehouse, but the designer myself designed and constructed it as a gallery. The space is very small and simple, only 6 m2, but the designers themselves carried out all the exterior and interior work.

It is not a gallery, but rather a space where people can 'peek' at the interesting items in the warehouse, rather than 'show' their work. This is primarily a place where the designer myself experiments with my own design, and where the process and results of my work can be seen by the people of the city through the glass doors at all times. The relationship between the designer myself and the city's residents is a starting point for their creations, while at the same time allowing the people of the city to experience the pleasure of pure creation, even if only in a small way.



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